Wholesale Specials of the Day

Friday 14th December 2018 Daily Specials

10 x 2-3kg Farmed Seabass


30 x Cumbrae Oysters
30 x Colchester Oysters

£0.70 each
£0.70 each

Skate Wings


Red Mullet


2-3kg Farmed Turbot


100 x 180g Sword Steaks

£3.00 each

3 x 10-20kg Headless Halibut


2-3kg Farmed Turbot


600-800g Black Bream

£4.50 each

1kg Tub Anchovies with Peppers


17 x 10 Pheasant Breasts


30 x North Sea Red Bream


20g Tins Exmoor Caviar

£26.50 each

Frozen Cod Cheeks


Torpedo Breaded King Prawns (500g)


454g Bags Quintin Bay Wholetail Br Scampi 3 cases+


16/20 Fresh Water Headless Shell On IQF King Prawns

£60/12 bags

****Order now ready for Christmas**** Offers available while stocks last.

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