Wholesale Specials of the Day

Available for Saturday 17th March 2018

28 x 7-800g John Dory


5kg Fresh Herrings


25 x Cumbrae Oysters

67p each

25 x 1-1.5kg Farmed Seabass


78 x Medium King Scallops
(in shell)


80 x 3-400g Bream 10 for


8 x 5-9kg Headless Halibut

£14.95 /kg

18 x 3kg Marinted Herring
(dated 19th March)


2-3kg Farmed Turbot
800-1kg Farmed Turbot

£13.95 /kg

1kg bags Stuffed Squid
(6-10 Count)


PLEASE NOTE FROM EARLY APRIL WE WILL BE VERY SHORT OF FRESH QUEEN STOCK UP WITH FROZEN SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. Offers available while stocks last, Bad weather once again taking it's toll on supply

To ORDER Todays Specials call
01429 263573